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The Flying Dutchman: Opera in the Crypt

Experience Wagner's most popular opera in a unique way in the crypt under St. Peter's Church in Vienna.

Up-close opera enjoyment in Austria's smallest opera theater. The internationally renowned ensemble offers Richard Wagner's most successful opera with minor cuts. Intensive and gripping, the mystical work is presented with piano accompaniment with a strong focus on the great voices in the intimate setting of the old vaults. OPER in der KRYPTA stands for authentic, honest opera craftsmanship.
The KRYPTA is the ideal setting and guarantees an unforgettable and incomparable cultural experience due to the fascinating proximity to the artists. Ideal for both connoisseurs and beginners.
The KRYPTA is pleasantly tempered at any time of the year.


First elevator
Daland's ship seeks shelter in a heavy storm in a bay near the Norwegian homeland. During the night, the Dutchman's ship suddenly appears. As a blasphemer, he is condemned to circumnavigate the Cape of Good Hope forever. Every seven years, however, he is allowed to go ashore. If he finds a wife who remains faithful to him, he is redeemed. Desperate, he is left only with the hope of the honest love of a woman, in order to finally be allowed to die.
When Daland sees his rich treasures, he agrees to a marriage with his daughter Senta. After the storm subsides, both ships set sail for their home port.

Second act
Senta awaits the return of her father and the sailors with her wife Mary. She sings the ballad of the Flying Dutchman, whose fate touches her. Rhapsody and reverie seize her soul. Adoring the image of the Dutchman, Senta hopes to free him. Frightened, the hunter Erik, who loves her, tries to dissuade her from her fantasies.
When Daland arrives with the Dutchman, Senta recognizes him immediately. Erik leaves Senta in despair. She realizes that it is in her power to bring the longed-for redemption to the Dutchman. Both understand each other intimately and the marriage is decided.

Third act
Erik asks Senta once again in the greatest distress to remember their former love and the oath of fidelity, but she denies it.
The Dutchman overhears the scene and comes to the conclusion that Senta will not be able to remain faithful to him either. To save her from his sad fate, he tells her about his curse and hurries to the ship to continue sailing around the Cape of Good Hope year after year.
But Senta hurries after him and loudly proclaims that she is faithful to him until death. She throws herself from the rock into the sea. There the ship of the Dutchman sinks in salvation.
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