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1.5-2 hr Salzburg Highlight Tour

    Tour Operator: Salzburg Experience OG     1h 30m     Travel method: Other / Non-Travel     Region: Salzburg

Tour Highlights:

  • Salzburg's most beautiful sights

  • political and economic highlights in Salzburg's history

  • Salzburg's lifestyle of now and then

What to expect

On a walk through the UNESCO World Heritage Site, you will discover, alongside the narrow streets of the Bürgerstadt, the generous archbishop's princely city, as well as the dsitrict, where the monks still live in retreat.

Mozart Square - Residenzplatz

We meet in front of the statue of the most famous inhabitant of Salzburg - W.A.Mozart.
His music can be heard daily, his name is discovered again and again and you just have to taste the famous Mozartkugel.
From Mozartplatz we continue to Residenzplatz.
The residence fountain has adorned the square for over 300 years, music is heard from the Salzburg Glockenspiel and the residence recalls the splendid time of the Prince-Archbishops.

Salzburg Cathedral - Cathedral Square

We visit the Salzburg Cathedral.
Well-preserved frescoes, stucco work and marble altars decorate the interior of the cathedral.
On the tour of the church you can feel the tranquility of this place, get amazed at the works of art and be touched by the idea that W.A.Mozart worked here.

In the summer months, the famous “Jedermann Stage” is located around the Mariensäule in front of the Salzburg Cathedral.

Kapitelplatz - Fortress Hohensalzburg

From Kapitelplatz you can see the fortress Hohensalzburg especially well.
It stands 100m above the city and can be reached by the fortress railway.
It offers a magnificent view of the Altsadt and the Tennengebirge Mountains.
Inside you will discover the original 15th-century princely rooms

Abbey of St.Peter

One of the oldest places in Salzburg can be found in the Abbey of St.Peter.
The Benedictine monastery has a sumptuously decorated collegiate church of St.
Peter and cultivates one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Salzburg.
You will also find the Stiftskeller St.
Peter and the monastery shop in St.
Peter Bezirk, not to forget is the oldest bakery in Salzburg.

Salzburg Festival Hall - University of Salzburg

Not far from the monastery is the Salzburg Festpsielhaus.
What was this building initially used for, how did the festival develop and what significance do they have for Salzburg?
This and more can be found on this tour. Right next to it is the oldest part of Salzurger University.

University Square - Farmers' Market

The Kollegienkirche on Universitätsplatz provides a beautiful setting for the Salzburg farmer or green market.
Almost every day you will find the most delicious food and beautiful bouquets.
It is a popular meeting place for the Salzburgers to shop or eat.

Getreidegasse - Mozart's Birthplace

Via a through-house we reach the Getreidegasse, the most famous shopping street in Salzburg.
Almost in front of every store hangs an artfully designed guild sign, in some shops you can still find unusual crafts.
In Getreidegasse 9, W.A.
Mozart was born in 1756.
Here you will learn a lot about the life and work of the “Genius Loci”.

Salzach - Mirabell Garden

We cross the Salzach and look back from the Neustadt to the old town.
The fortress of Hohensalzburg stands mighty above the city, you can see the many church towers and also the Museum of Modernism on the Mönchsberg.
You will learn more about the salt trade, the trade routes and the development of the Neutstadt before we continue to walk to the Mirabell Garden.

At Makartplatz, in front of Mozart's home, you will hear about the ups and downs in Mozart's musical life and what relationship he had with Johann Michael Haydn.

The tour ends with the most beautiful view of Salzburg from the Mirabell Garden.
The view over the garden to the fortress Hohensalzburg will entice you to a photo and will surely be remembered for a long time.


  • Mozart Square

  • Getreidegasse

  • Salzburg Cathedral

  • Residence Platz

  • Old Market

  • University Square

  • Salzburg Festival Hall

  • St.Peter District

  • Mirabell Garden

  • and many more...

  Meeting Point Information

Meeting point: Mozartpl. 1, 5020 Salzburg, Austria.

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